A note from the director.

Starring NICO TORTORELLA (Younger; Walking Dead: World Beyond),  JUAN PABLO DI PACE (Fuller House, Mamma Mia!), and EMILY HAMPSHIRE (Schitt’s Creek). The Mattachine Family picks up at a critical moment in the life of our protagonist, Thomas (Tortorella). The child he and his husband, Oscar (Di Pace), fostered has been reunited with his birth mother and Oscar’s long-stagnant career as an actor has picked up and sent him to Michigan for months of filming. In the bewildering lurch of change and loss, Thomas embarks on a journey to figure out what he wants from life and what it means to be gay in 2021, when so many possibilities have opened up for people who grew up thinking that marriage and children were closed off to them.

At its heart, this is a story about family, about the bonds we form with friends and lovers and children, and the way those relationships define us, elude us, and perplex us.

Parenthood is an exchange of identities for everyone. Anyone who has considered and worried about the enormous changes that come with parenthood will appreciate this film. Anyone who values their chosen family and community will appreciate this film. Anyone who has ever felt lost in love will appreciate this film. That’s what I think is so special about The Mattachine Family.

We have told a queer story about the universality of love, family, and community.

~Andy Vallentine, Director

The Mattachine Family Film poster
Nico Tortorella as THOMAS
Juan Pablo Di Pace as OSCAR
Emily Hampshire as LEAH
Cloie Wyatt Taylor as SONIA
Jake Choi as JAMIE
Heather Matarazzo as ANNIE
Carl Clemmons-Hopkins as TED
Directed By Andy Vallentine
Written By Danny Vallentine
Executive Producer Zach Braff
Produced By Scot Boland, Mike Diaz, Cameron Hutchison, Sid Ganji, & Stuart Heinlein
Cinematography By Julia Swain
Production Design By Nikki Reifler
Edited By Jonathan Melin
Design By Brittany Kay
Visual Effects By Kris Sundberg
Music By Kotomi
Music Supervisor Jennifer Barron
Casting By Scot Boland
The Mattachine Family still image

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